Diversity in Leadership:
A Community of Practice for leaders of color.

The vision of the Diversity in Leadership (DIL) initiative is to eliminate the diversity gap between students and school leaders in California by increasing the talent pipeline of African American and Latino leaders in charter schools, creating avenues for leadership development, school growth, funding, and advocacy. 

What is the Diversity Gap? 

Of the nearly 90,000 principals in United States public schools, 80% are White, 10% are Black, and 7% are Latino, compared to the nearly half of the student population that identify as people of color.

In California, 60% of public school students are Latino or African American, while only 22% of teachers share that background.

Why is this important to fix?

Studies have shown that all students, especially those of color, have greater academic outcomes when they are exposed to an educational leader of color.

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The Diversity in Leadership initiative seeks to support leaders of color in 3 essential ways:

Leadership Development:
Create spaces for networking & best practice sharing.

School Growth & Funding:
Provide resources for growth and access to funding opportunities.

Build advocacy capacity and strength resulting in diverse representation in influential spaces.


Investigate strategies to close the diversity gap through a series of convenings

Educate, empower, and build community with charter leaders of color, who are interested in expanding their network through uniquely situated professional development workshops and facilitated conversations.

Convenings will resume in October and continue monthly until April 2019.  Register for more information on dates and locations of upcoming events.


Become part of the solution through the Accelerator Program.

This year long program will prepare leaders to take a more advanced role in schools or lead their own. This program uses an overtly intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to refine unique skills and build networks that will enrich the participants’ practice and contribute to their work as educational leaders.

Registration for the 2018 cohort is now closed.  Register above for more information about the Accelerator.