Diversity in Leadership (DIL) Network

A community of practice for current and emerging educational leaders of color that advocates for diverse leadership in California schools. The vision of the DIL Network is to eliminate the diversity gap between student and school leaders in California by increasing the talent pipeline of African-American and Latinx leaders in public schools.

The Diversity in Leadership Network seeks to support current and emerging leaders of color in 4 essential ways:

Diversity in Leadership Development

The network offers leadership development opportunities that contribute to leaders' strengths, providing them with tools that result in increased retention and promotion rates.

Diversity in Leadership School Growth & Funding

The network provides resources to ensure strong schools and access to funding.

Diversity in Leadership Advocacy

The network works to build advocacy capacity and strength resulting in diverse representation in influential spaces.

DIL 17

The network works to develop communities by fostering and nurturing relationships between school leaders, community members, and those in positions of power to amplify common issues facing schools, communities, and family.

DIL 18

What is the Diversity Gap?

California is among the most racially diverse states in the US, yet leadership positions at K-12 public schools tend to be disproportionately held by white educators. In fact, 60% of all California public school students are of color, while only 20% of administrators are of color.* Not only are diverse leaders important in showing children of color what is possible in their own futures, but numerous national research studies have shown the positive impact that teachers and leaders of color have on increasing academic achievement and decreasing disciplinary actions for all students.

* "Color" here refers to both students and leaders with African-American or Latinx backgrounds

Reflections from Diversity in Leadership Accelerator Program Participants

Brenda Lopez

Brenda Denice Lopez - Director of Student Services at Magnolia Public Schools

"What motivated me to apply to the program is that I would have the opportunity to work with other leaders of color. Currently, for leaders of color (not just in charter schools but in any administrative role) it's really hard to come across successful leaders who have had the experience to implement these promising practices at their school site. This was an opportunity to collaborate with other leaders." 

Shandrea Daniel - Principal at Magnolia Science Academy #3

Daniel shared her motivation to work towards opening high-quality schools in the community where she grew up.

Miguel Gamboa - Principal at Watts Learning Center

The program exposed Gamboa to different elements that go into a charter petition and introduced him to colleagues with similar goals.