1. Starting a Charter School

Getting Started

Charter public schools are founded by teams of educators, parents and community members who design a school to meet their community's unique needs. Learn more about charter schools and the process for founding a new school in this recorded webinar.

California Department of Education Resources

Access resources here from the California Department of Education (CDE) for information about charter schools in the state. 

2. Building a Strong Founding Team

In this webinar, you will learn the importance of setting a strong vision and mission statement for your charter school and how to build the right team to implement it.


3. Writing and Submitting a Charter Petition

Creating a Petition

In the following webinar, you will learn the 15-point structure of a charter petition and how a high-quality charter school should fully address each element.

Remember to research recently approved petitions in your target district. But to get a general understanding of what’s required in the charter petition, you can begin by looking over this high-quality petition that was approved by Sacramento City Unified and has been reviewed and vetted by CCSA. This petition was approved prior to AB 1505, so please be sure to review CCSA’s AB 1505 resource page to review changes to the charter development process requirements and reasons for denial.

Charter School Accountability

Please review CCSA’s accountability framework and why accountability matters. You will need to think about and integrate accountability as you create your charter petition.

4. Support

Questions? Contact the School Development Team at schooldevelopment@ccsa.org