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What is SB 739?

SB 739 would extend all charter terms by one year

In the middle of the pandemic, the California Legislature extended all charter terms by two years due to the incredible uncertainty and volatility faced by charter public schools. However, the pandemic has gone on for longer than anticipated and that extension is coming to an end.

Data gaps and testing suspensions caused by the pandemic have upended our system, especially in the face of high-stakes accountability decisions such as charter renewals. Subjecting charter schools to a renewal process that is based on a system fractured by the pandemic will cause arbitrary and political decisions on charter renewals, creating uncertainty for students, families, teachers, and schools alike.

Newly proposed legislation in the State Senate, Senate Bill 739 would extend the current terms of ALL charter schools by one year to accommodate the gap in student data caused by the pandemic, and to reflect the state’s priority to focus efforts on supporting students in recovering from pandemic impacts within a stable learning environment.

The California Charter Schools Association is sponsoring SB 739. Read the Coalition Letter Supporting SB 739 and CCSA's floor alert on SB 739.

Frequently Asked Questions

ALL charter schools are included. SB 739 will extend the term of every charter school in the state by one year. 

Without extending all charter terms, we would cause a “pile-up” of the majority of charter petitions expiring on the same year, causing an overwhelming workload for charter schools and school district authorizers across the state. This is why the original extension also extended all charter terms.

California suspended testing during the spring of 2020 as the pandemic began and has only recently re-instated testing for public schools. This caused a serious gap in data on the CA School Dashboard, upon which renewal decisions and renewal tracks are based.