A Framework for Quality Schools

CCSA's Accountability Framework and Minimum Criteria for Renewal guides our advocacy efforts for renewing and replicating schools. As charter schools come up for renewal every five years, this framework allows us to support high-performing schools and advocate for the non-renewal of chronically underperforming schools that do not deliver academic results for students.

We applaud the many charter schools that are among the highest-performing schools in the state. However, we believe that a small number of chronically underperforming charter schools threatens the overall success of the broader charter school movement. CCSA publicly called for the non-renewal of charter schools that were not meeting our minimum criteria for renewal for the first time in 2011, and has done so annually ever since.

2019 Public Call for Non-Renewal

CCSA's Accountability Framework is made up of two parts - an initial review of publicly available test scores and postsecondary readiness data and then, for the subset of schools underperforming on all initial criteria, a Multiple Measures Review based on public and non-public data that is tailored to a school's mission and outcomes. The recent passage of AB 1505 reaffirmed that academic performance should be weighted most heavily and codified the concept of a second look process into law. CCSA has utilized this type of a second look process for nearly a decade to look deeply at schools’ outcomes and ensure our support is directed towards schools that are helping students increase their learning.

The following schools fall below CCSA's minimum renewal criteria for the 2019-20 school year and are chronically underperforming on several other academic performance measures:





1 Bridges Academy Franklin-McKinley Elementary Santa Clara
2 Castle Rock Del Norte County Office of Education Del Norte
3 Chawanakee Academy Charter Chawanakee USD Madera
4 Delta Bridges Charter New Jerusalem Elementary School District San Joaquin
5 Delta Charter HS at Cabrillo College Santa Cruz City High Santa Cruz
6 Denair Elementary Charter Academy Denair USD Stanislaus
7 Pittman Charter Stockton USD San Joaquin
8 Public Policy LAUSD Los Angeles
9 Roses in Concrete OUSD Alameda

Please visit here for more information on this year's Public Call for Non-Renewal.