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Back to School Season Captures Character of Charter Schools

Charter public schools across California are officially back from summer break. And they wasted no time taking to social media to showcase their enthusiasm about the upcoming year. What we love about these pictures is that they perfectly capture the joy, rigor, and diversity of the charter community in our state. Here’s a look at some of our favorites from this back to school season.
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New School Year, Same Commitment

Students, parents, and educators are getting ready for a brand new school year. That means new classes, new experiences, and new schools.
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We know how you feel, North Carolina: There’s a smear campaign in California, too

“The suggestion that district schools are being resegregated through ‘white flight’ schools to schools of choice is nonsense.”
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Poll: Support for charter public schools grows in 2019

Nationwide support for charter public schools is growing.
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Reports: Black and Latinx Charter School Students More Likely to Attend College

Charter public schools are making college an option for more students. 
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Embracing All Students

As we near the close of summer, we want to remind Californians that charter public schools embrace all students, including students with disabilities.
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