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Tres Jóvenes Latinas que Ganaron Becas Nacionales

KIPP cultivó en estas estudiantes Latinas la mentalidad universitaria, hoy ellas cosechan sus primeras ganancias.

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What are the differences between charter schools & private schools?

The most important difference between charter schools and private schools is this: charter schools are PUBLIC schools!

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What’s the difference between charter schools and public schools?

Before diving into the differences, let’s remember this important shared feature: charter schools ARE public schools!

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Rocklin Academy Gateway Students Shine on Good Day Sacramento

Last week, Rocklin Academy Gateway students showed off their knowledge during a Zoom appearance on Good Day Sacramento.

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Charter Schools Week: Going Above and Beyond

National Charter Schools Week is here! All week long, we will be celebrating the extraordinary efforts by California’s charter public schools to go above and beyond meeting the needs of students and families during COVID-19.

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South LA Charter School Leader Finds the Silver Lining in Imposed Distance Learning

“Shine so brightly that you drown out the darkness. By doing so, you give others the permission to do the same and you give the world the brilliant light it so desperately needs.”

This is the message that students at Vox Collegiate received via...

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