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What Will Engage Inner-city Fresno Students? A Charter Zoo School

Visiting a zoo is at the top of many children’s to-do lists.

But many low-income kids never get to experience the wonder of seeing exotic animals at the zoo and learning about their natural habitats.

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CCSA Launches #ChartersGiveBack Series that Highlights Charters as Pillars of their Communities

As coronavirus cases continue to surge during the holiday season, it is more evident than ever that charters have stepped up during this time of crisis, helping not only their students but also their families by providing everything from free...

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Winning Strategies for Meaningful Student Engagement In Distance Learning

It is clear that distance learning will continue to be part of the daily lives of public school students in California in the near future. But an increasing number of studies indicate many students tune out during online instruction – or don’t...

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Homeschooling: Un Enfoque Diferente al Aprendizaje Desde Casa

Cuando la pandemia de COVID-19 forzó a las familias a quedarse en casa y las clases cambiaron del aula al hogar, la mayoría de los estudiantes y sus padres sintieron un gran desajuste pues no estaban acostumbrados a manejar la instrucción sin la...

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New Report Names Four Charter Schools Helping Families Bridge the Digital Divide

With K-12 school reopening plans on hold statewide due to a resurgence in coronavirus cases, CCSA is highlighting charter public schools that are helping families bridge the digital divide as remote instruction continues.

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New Report Finds California Charter Schools Pivoted Quickly Amid COVID-19

A new report produced by the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) finds many charter public schools leveraged their independence and flexibility to launch distance learning programs quicker than traditional district public schools after...

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