School Meals During Closures

For many students, the difference between being fed or going hungry is unfortunately impacted by their ability to eat at school. Charter schools are working hard to ensure that students have a place to continue to receive meals. View the map below to find schools that are currently offering meals service. We will continue to update this as we receive additional information from schools across the state.

For the best experience in navigating the map, here are some helpful tips:

  • Hover over the map to display its toolbar in the top left
  • You can search an address and nearby school meal locations by clicking the magnifying glass and entering it
  • The school's name, address and hours they are offering meals will display if you hover over the dot
  • Clicking on a school location dot will open its address in Google Maps which will allow you to enter directions to the location
  • You may download a list of the schools by selecting "Download" below the list displayed to the right of the map