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We’ll say it again: Charter public schools serve everyone! They are 100 percent public. They are 100 percent free. They are 100 percent open to all. Charter schools are diverse and serve a student population that mirrors traditional public schools.
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Alumnos con desventajas que van a escuelas chárter tienen mas probabilidad de entrar a universidades publicas en Ca

Más estudiantes que tradicionalmente han tenido desventajas y se están graduando de preparatorias públicas chárter están continuando sus carreras en universidades públicas en California a comparación de los estudiantes en esta categoría que se están graduando de escuelas tradicionales.
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Black Charter Families and Advocates to Assemblyman McCarty and CTA: Kill Your Extreme Bills!

On Monday, Black charter public school families and advocates from across the state delivered a simple message at the doorstep of Assemblyman Kevin McCarty’s Sacramento office: kill your CTA-backed bill that puts a cap on quality charter public schools in California. 
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Black History and Resilience in 2019

“The greatest lessons that students can take from Black History is the resilience of the people.”  That’s according to Martinique Starnes, a member of our  Diversity in Leadership team, during a recent conversation about Black History Month. Broadly speaking, this month represents an opportunity to talk about a legacy that is often overlooked and understated, Martinique points out. In the classroom, instruction on the contributions of Black people in America is an effective way to help students see past the negative and hurtful narratives that still exist today. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of her thoughtful responses to these questions. 
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Charter Public Schools Are Part of the Solution to Improving Education Outcomes for Black Students in California

In celebrating Black History this month, we’ve also been thinking about the future. Specifically, the future of education for Black students in California.
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Teacher Diversity in Public Schools: Fact or Fiction?

After a recent report found that the number of teachers in public schools has more than doubled over the last three decades, took a deeper look at what it found to be a rosier than likely picture of the state of teacher diversity.
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