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What does your Heritage Mean to You?

By Fabiola Prieto

National Hispanic Heritage Month began today.

These 30 days between September 15 to October 15 are an opportunity for our schools to teach students about the contributions and accomplishments of Latinx figures and the historic moments in which our ancestors helped shape the history of United States.

Some Latin American FlagsFlags representing some Latin American Countries 

For the diverse Latino communities, the occasion is cause for celebration and for remembrance of traditions throughout the U.S. Most significantly, it is a time of reflection about what it means to be Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, or simply, a proud member of their family’s country of origin.

Perhaps the best part of Hispanic Heritage Month is that everyone can join the fun and learn about the rich culture and diversity in our country, regardless of their background, identity or affiliation.

In the next few weeks, we will be posting in our social media channels some thoughts that our #CharterNation members shared when asked about what their heritage means to them. We will also highlight what charter schools in California are doing to commemorate the occasion.

We hope you join us and engage in the conversation.

Fabiola Prieto, Associate Director of Community Engagement