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In Their Own Words: Charter School Teachers Reject “Us” Vs. “Them” Mentality in Public Education

Since July, the L.A. School Report has been publishing their “Teacher Spotlight” series, interviewing charter and traditional public school teachers about their practice and how the education system can provide better support. The interviews...

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Alumnos de escuelas chárter Ednovate podrán aplicar para una beca completa en la universidad privada USC

USC ofrecerá cinco becas nuevas en el 2020; una para cada clase que se gradúe de las escuelas chárter Ednovate en el sur de California...

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Five Early Holiday Gifts We Received From #CharterNation

The holidays are here and for a lot of people, the bows and wrapping paper won’t be coming off their presents anytime soon. But here at CCSA, we feel like Santa’s been delivering gifts from the charter school movement throughout all of 2019.

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In Their Own Words: Minority Voters Speak Out In Support of Charter Schools

Right before Thanksgiving, the New York Times published an important story about Democratic presidential candidates and the blowback some of them are facing for distancing themselves  from the charter public school movement. The story highlights...

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Camp Fire: One Year Later

Last November, the charter public school community in Paradise, like the rest of the town, was absolutely devastated by the Camp Fire. Six schools that had been havens for learning and friendship were victim to the most deadly and destructive...

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Square Off Over…Public Education

On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, things got real.

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