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In California, There Are Indeed Measurable Differences in Achievement

Charter public schools across the country are more diverse and enrollment in them increased by more than five times between 2000 and 2016.

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A new era for California’s charter public schools

Earlier this week, the legislature sent AB 1505 and AB 1507 to Governor Newsom’s desk. Months ago, we were strongly opposed to these bills. In their original form, they would have had devastating consequences for the most vulnerable students in...

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We know how you feel, North Carolina: There’s a smear campaign in California, too

“The suggestion that district schools are being resegregated through ‘white flight’ schools to schools of choice is nonsense.”

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Poll: Support for charter public schools grows in 2019

Nationwide support for charter public schools is growing.

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Familia, Escuela y Comunidad: Grupo de CCSA en ESPAÑOL

Los padres de familia sí estan interesados en contribuir en el desarrollo educativo de sus hijos, no importa que tan poco tiempo libre hay en su rutina diaria.

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Teacher: Flexibility Around Credentialing is a Positive Solution

John Benoit is a computer science teacher at Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High School 

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