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Stand for All Students Rally: One Year Later

For us here at CCSA, the start of March comes with memories of last year’s exuberant and powerful Stand for All Students Rally.

Held on the steps of the Capitol, this was an incredible moment in the history of the charter school movement in California. Over 7,000 parents, students, teachers, and educators traveled from across the state to make their voices heard in support of a positive and unifying agenda that called for putting kids first. 


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The agenda rested on three principles:

  • Deliver for all students--ensure our education system lives up to its promise for all by closing the achievement gap for students of color and those with disabilities.
  • Demand full funding-- ensure that all public schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education to students, regardless of zip code.
  • Defend great public schools—stand up for quality public schools against unjust attacks.

Throughout the rally, we heard from influential voices in our movement. They inspired us, challenged us, and even at times made us laugh. They also prepared us for the brewing legislative battle ahead.




Long after the rally, CharterNation continued its push in support of this agenda. You traveled to Sacramento for hearings and in-person meetings with legislators to speak out in support of your schools. You shared compelling stories about the difference your school had made in your families’ lives and your broader community. 


Ultimately, it was your months-long efforts that made all the difference in the debate around public education in our state. The chorus of your voices helped secure vital protections for quality nonprofit charter public schools that are transforming the lives of individual students and strengthening our education system as a whole. We will forever be inspired by the passion and dedication you demonstrated that day—and beyond.  


This year marks a new era for charter schools in our state as AB 1505 and AB 1507 take effect. The divisive legislative battle has long since passed. So let’s shake off the tired and polarizing education battles of yesterday, and unite for all students to take on the challenging shared mission of improving public education.