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4 Ways to Get Your Charter School Noticed

By CCSA Staff

To capture the attention of prospective families, media outlets, and local elected officials, charter public schools must get out there and a market themselves.

But does the idea of marketing your school feel intimidating?

You’re in luck!

Here are 4 ways that CCSA can help your charter school get noticed:

1.   Utilize “What is a charter school?” video

Need help explaining what charter schools are to prospective families?

CCSA has you covered.

We produced a "What is a charter school?" video which is jam-packed with “pro-charter messaging” that easily explains why charters exist and the differences between charters and district-run schools.

All you have to do is post the free resource to any of your school’s communication platforms i.e. website, social media channels, e-newsletters.

You can also use it during public events such as recruitment fairs, school orientations, or board meetings.

CCSA’s recent public opinion poll finds that once parents understand what a charter school is, they're more likely to support charters and consider charters schools as options for their children. 

Click the play button below to check out the video.

To use the video for school purposes, hit the "Share" icon. Then copy the link to post or embed in your materials.


2.   Get schooled with The Media Lab

Are you a charter administrator who wears multiple hats like also being your school's communications manager?

Or perhaps you're a comms pro and want to learn new tips and tricks. 

Look no further.

CCSA recently launched The Media Lab which offers free trainings to CCSA member schools in the fields of communications, media relations, and marketing.

Our 30- to 40-minute training sessions take place via Zoom during CCSA’s Monthly Member Communications and Media Strategy Call.

State and national communication experts facilitate the trainings, bringing their knowledge, advice, and resources to help you amplify your school's story.

So far this year, The Media Lab has offered trainings on:

  • How to Engage Spanish-language Media Outlets
  • PR on a Budget
  • It’s Time to Pitch Your School’s Story
  • Leveraging AI to Manage Communications Activities

If you're at a CCSA member school, participate in the next Media Lab training by attending CCSA's Monthly Member Communications and Media Strategy Call.

Click this link to register.

If you’re not a member but would like to learn more, please email CCSA External Affairs at

3.   Kickstart your enrollment campaign 

Recruiting and attracting new students is no easy task.

Thankfully, CCSA has created "all purpose" enrollment videos to help make it easier for you.

Featuring messaging that’s proven to be effective with families, the videos are available in both in English and Spanish and features footage of California's charter school students learning and thriving.

Check out the English version of the enrollment video by clicking the play button below.

To use the video for school purposes, hit the "Share"  icon. Then copy the link to post or embed in your materials. 

We encourage you to share the videos during public events like parent and community engagement meetings, or feel free to post the video to your school’s communication vehicles and platforms.  

4.   Find Your People via CCSA LinkedIn 

Does it feel as though you’re fighting the good fight all by yourself?

Find your people and ask for help by following CCSA’s LinkedIn channel!

With one simple click, you’ll get connected to a statewide community of charter school leaders and educators who are overcoming obstacles and finding solutions in the world of chartering – whether its crafting communication campaigns for renewals or developing a crisis communications plan to manage a controversial issue on campus.

Bonus: Communications and marketing experts are also part of CCSA’s LinkedIn family and are happy to offer advice or direct you to someone who can. 

Head over to our LinkedIn channel and follow us today!

Our handle is: @California Charter Schools Association

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