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CCSA Kick-Offs Renewal Relief Advocacy Campaign!

By California Charter Schools Association

CCSA’s top legislative goal this year is to extend charter renewal relief for an additional two years. 532 charter schools would benefit from this extension, and it is the most urgent concern we are hearing from our members.


CCSA engaged Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil (SD-4) to author Senate Bill 739 and on Wednesday, March 15, CCSA, and Senator Alvarado-Gil held a joint press conference to announce the new legislation that will impact more than 284,000 students across California that attend charter public schools. You can watch the press conference below.



Charter public schools are held to high standards by law. They are reviewed for academic performance, typically every 5 years, as part of the process to have their charters renewed.

Senator Alvarado-Gil’s new legislation would leave every accountability measure that charter schools must comply with in place but extends renewal of charter public schools for an additional two years.

Along with moving to proactively secure legislation and advocate through the state budget process, CCSA is launching a comprehensive outreach strategy in the Capitol as well as a statewide advocacy campaign that mobilizes our supporters to pass renewal relief this legislative session.

You can read more about the bill here.