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Charter Schools Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Another defining trait of California’s charter public schools is the flexibility they enjoy.

Charter schools are free of the red tape that too often gets between teachers and students—and ultimately interferes with learning. Instead, charter schools empower teachers to create lesson plans that are more tailored to the needs of individual students. Ultimately, in exchange for this flexibility, charter schools are held to higher standards and expected to raise student achievement.

While flexibility has long been embedded in the DNA of charter schools, it’s proven to be an incredible asset during COVID-19. When school closures began back in March, charter schools across our state moved quickly—in some cases a matter of days-- to set up tailored distance learning programs. As the weeks passed, charter schools consistently engaged with parents about what was and wasn’t working, adapting accordingly. The tactics may have changed, but the top priority never did: keep students safe and learning.

Now as we enter a new school year, it’s that kids-focused flexibility that has made charter schools an even more attractive educational option for parents up and down the state.

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