The voice of California’s charter school movement

CharterNation Made A Big Impact in Los Angeles!

By Frank Navarro

Did you hear?

On January 29th, THOUSANDS of CharterNation families turned out to speak against an LAUSD School Board resolution that would ban new charter schools in Los Angeles. Families showed up hours in advance to make their voices heard, demonstrating their commitment to fighting for great public school options in their community.

Before that, the CharterNation community flooded the inboxes of school board members and staff -  sending over 50,000 emails-- urging them to vote against taking away new quality options for those in our community who need them most.  

While the LAUSD school board ultimately approved the resolution in a 5-1 vote (Nick Melvoin was the lone ‘No’ vote),  students, parents, teachers and school leaders gave it their all to stand up for great public schools. Days after the fact, we are still feeling inspired by your passion and commitment!

So where do we go from here?

Onward to Sacramento! On March 13, CharterNation families from across the state will rally at the Capitol to #StandForAllStudents. 

As we wait to march together in a few weeks, watch this recent conversation with our new president & CEO, Myrna Castrejon on the fight ahead: