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Embracing All Students

As we near the close of summer, we want to remind Californians that charter public schools embrace all students, including students with disabilities.

In fact, charter public schools with greater autonomy and flexibility educate students with disabilities in an inclusive classroom setting at higher rates compared to traditional public schools. For example, 88 percent of charter students with disabilities are being served in general education classes for more than 80 percent of their school day. It’s just 53 percent for their peers in traditional public schools.

Research is unmistakable about inclusive learning environments being strong predictors of student success. A recent study by Stanford University and the Policy Analysis of California Education (PACE) reaffirmed that students with disabilities attending charter schools gain 14 additional days of learning in reading and seven additional days in math compared to their peers in traditional public schools. This demonstrates that charter schools are helping these students unlock their full academic potential, fueling optimism about the potential for even greater academic growth in the years to come.