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#GraduateTogether Recap: Parents Praise Students & Lebron’s Important Reminder

This past Saturday, NBA superstar Lebron James teamed up with former President Barack Obama, the XQ Institute, and a long list of celebrities to virtually honor seniors who were sadly robbed of their in-person ceremony due to COVID-19.

Broadcast and streamed across every major network and platform, the hour-long #GraduateTogether celebration was filled with creative performances and inspiring words. But it was the “What the Class of 2020 Taught Me” portion that was arguably the most touching moment of the show.

Video of parents from across the country showed them rattling off in five words or less what they had learned from their graduate: Perseverance. Courage. Resilience. Passion. Positivity. Grace through disappointment.

With their sons and daughters by their side, proud moms and dads struggled to fight back tears in delivering their praise, prompting everyone watching to reach for a tissue box. 

Near the end of the show, James delivered a powerful statement reminding us about the important role of schools in our communities. The reminder hit close to home about the months-long, essential work we’ve seen from California’s charter schools in bringing security and peace of mind to students and parents most in need.

“Every family in America is experiencing the critical role our schools and charities play in our lives, and what happens when they shut down. In our poorest neighborhoods, schools are about much more than learning. In places like Akron, schools are the most essential service. They may be the only place to support you, the only place to protect you. And for many, the only place to feed you. Our schools our are safety net. Our people build our communities. To the class of 2020, as you celebrate tonight, don’t forget your safety net.”

From all of us here at CCSA, congratulations Class of 2020! You have handled this unforeseen crisis with grace, courage, and positivity.  We know that the future is bright.

Miss the show? Watch it here:



Photo credit: Getty Images