The voice of California’s charter school movement

New School Year, Same Commitment

By California Charter Schools Association

Students, parents, and educators are getting ready for a brand new school year. That means new classes, new experiences, and new schools.

It’s a lot of changes for many. But here’s what hasn’t changed: our commitment to ensuring that all kids, regardless of background and zip code, have access to quality public schools. Charter public schools are helping us get one step closer to that reality.  

Sacramento is still trying to find solutions to improve our education system. Meanwhile, charter schools have proven to be an immediate lifeline for those whose only other option would be a failing traditional district school. Charter schools are providing inclusive learning environments where students with disabilities can learn alongside their peers and thrive academically. They are raising student achievement for Black and Latino students and expanding access to college.

But that strong track record of success has not stopped the endless scapegoating and vicious attacks from politicians in Sacramento. But we remain hopeful. CharterNation, you’ve demonstrated an incredible resiliency and resolve in your mission to help secure an education system that puts kids first and achieves better outcomes.

Working together with you, we are confident that we can build off this success and be one step closer next June to all kids receiving a great education.