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This month, Turn Up the Volume on the future of education for black students in california

By Vanessa Alessi

In celebrating Black History month, we’ve also been thinking about the future of education for Black students in California. 

In too many parts of this state, Black families still do not have access to a quality public education. In some cities, the track record of traditional public schools has even resulted in calls for a state of emergency. Yet in charter public schools, thousands of Black families have found an educational home that is meeting their needs in an exceptional way. 

Turn Up The Volume is an opportunity to spread the news that sheds a positive light on the impact charter public schools have on their community to drown out all the anti-charter rhetoric.  

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No doubt about it: Charter public schools are part of the solution to improving education outcomes for Black students in California.



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The research is clear: Charter public schools in L.A are helping Black and Latino students gain WEEKS and MONTHS of additional learning! #DiscoverCharterSchools #KidsNotPolitics

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