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Who's More Accountable?

By California Charter Schools Association

Critics, chiefly the California Teachers Association and their allies, love to repeatedly claim that charter public schools in our state are running wild, free of accountability.

Here’s the problem: it’s flat out false.

There is indeed a wide gap in the area of accountability. But it’s charter public schools that face far greater scrutiny and consequences for poor academic performance than traditional public schools. Our President and CEO Myrna Castrejón powerfully made that important point last week during her appearance on KQED’s Forum to discuss the extreme bill AB 1505.

“I’d love to hear how many traditional public schools that are not serving students well, over generations, you’re proposing for us to close next year,” Myrna said. “It’s not an equal system when it comes to accountability. Charter schools are more accountable,” she added.

When charter schools open their doors for the first time, there’s the sobering reality that they could close them if they don’t raise student achievement over time.

“We did make that promise. That when we open a charter school we are absolutely willing to put our entire existence on the line every five years and be held accountable for improved outcomes for students.” Myrna noted.

So the next time you hear critics say that charter public schools operate with no accountability, ask them how many traditional public schools in their neighborhood with years of poor academic performance will be closing in the near future.

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