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3 things parents should know about special education in Charter schools

By Vanessa Alessi

As public schools, California charter schools serve all students and are committed to providing high-quality and compliant special education services to students with disabilities. 

In fact, since charter schools encourage innovative, individualized educational strategies by design, they are uniquely able to meet the needs of students with disabilities and unlock their full potential.

Here are 3 truths about special education in California charter schools that every parent should know:

  1. California charter schools educate all students.
    Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools that are open to all students. As public schools, charter schools are legally required to enroll and serve students with disabilities in the same manner as traditional public schools. In recent years, as charter schools in California increased their capacity and gained flexibility and funding in special education, they have grown to serve a proportionate share of students with disabilities to that in traditional public schools.
  1. California charter schools are uniquely situated to provide individualized support to meet the needs of students with disabilities and other challenges.
    Charter schools have more flexibility and autonomy than traditional public schools and are uniquely situated to provide innovative, high-quality educational services to students with disabilities. This increased autonomy in how charter schools manage and deliver special education services has resulted in more students with disabilities served, a wider range of disabilities served, measurable academic gains for students with disabilities, and more inclusive schools .
  1. California charter schools educate students in inclusive settings.
    Charter schools recognize that inclusive communities start with inclusive schools. To embrace student differences, charter schools have made significant strides toward educating students with disabilities, regardless of the type of need, alongside their general education peers rather than in separate classrooms or buildings.

    See how WISH Charter School, is delivering an inclusive education to all students. 

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