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A new era for California’s charter public schools

Earlier this week, the legislature sent AB 1505 and AB 1507 to Governor Newsom’s desk. Months ago, we were strongly opposed to these bills. In their original form, they would have had devastating consequences for the most vulnerable students in our state.

But thanks to the voices of thousands of charter school parents, educators, students, and supporters like you, we were able to work through the most challenging aspects of the bills and move towards a position of neutrality.

Time and again, so many of you came to Sacramento and demonstrated the collective strength of our movement. You shared personal stories. And you spoke up in support of charter schools that are meeting the needs of students from all backgrounds while closing the achievement gap.

Your passionate advocacy was on full display, and Sacramento took notice. After a long legislative fight, we reached a compromise deal with the governor’s office that protects quality charter public schools and ensures that they will remain a valuable and vital part of our education system.

Here are key protections in both bills:

AB 1505:

  • Faster renewals for charter schools that are closing the achievement gap
  • Restores appeals to counties and the State Board of Education when a new or renewing charter petition is denied
  • Requires balancing of students’ academic needs when citing fiscal impact considerations as part of petitions
  • Secures five-year grace period for non-core teachers to earn a now-required credential

AB 1507:

  • Ensures charter schools have more than one resource center in their authorizing district
  • Provides flexibility to schools impacted by major disasters
  • Fully exempts tribal schools

These bills represent a new era for charter public schools in our state. As the soon-to-be law takes effect, we are ready to redouble our efforts in ensuring that quality charter schools are serving our most underserved and that the persistent achievement gap be a thing of the past in every community.  

Want more information about AB 1505? Go here.


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