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Charter schools put kids first

California’s charter public schools are putting kids first. They recognize that every student is unique and that one-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to education.

Instead, charter schools are offering the personal attention, creativity, and passionate teaching that students need to learn. Their success is evident both in the individual lives of students they serve and throughout our entire education system.

Take Melody for example. The daughter of immigrants from El Salvador, she recently graduated from Bright Star Rise Kohyang High School in Los Angeles and is now on her way to Stanford with a full-ride scholarship. The high-performing charter school (it has significantly higher test scores than nearby district schools) helped Melody grow personally and academically into an ideal candidate for the school of her dreams. You can read Melody’s full story here.

Beyond transforming the individual lives of students, charter public schools in our state are clearly helping to close the achievement gap and expand access to college for Black and Latinx students. Just last year, CCSA put out a trio of reports last year showing that:

  • A greater proportion of charter school students applied, were accepted, and enrolled in UCs than their peers in traditional district schools.
  • Charter schools in California sent a larger proportion of their students to CSU’s than traditional district schools.
  • On average, more California charter school graduates enrolled in college than graduates from traditional district schools.

You can read more about the reports here.

There’s still a lot more work to be done to ensure ALL students receive the quality education they deserve. But charter schools are helping us get closer to that goal by focusing on the individual needs of each student. 

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