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Teacher: Flexibility Around Credentialing is a Positive Solution

John Benoit is a computer science teacher at Downtown College Prep Alum Rock High School 

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Let’s clear the air about charter schools and teacher credentialing

In its current form, we know that AB 1505 is an extreme bill that makes it easier to close down high-performing charter public schools, harming the futures of California’s most vulnerable students. But in recent days, Sacramento politicians like...

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We’ll say it again: Charter public schools serve everyone! They are 100 percent public. They are 100 percent free. They are 100 percent open to all. Charter schools are diverse and serve a student population that mirrors traditional public...

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Alumnos con desventajas que van a escuelas chárter tienen mas probabilidad de entrar a universidades publicas en Ca

Más estudiantes que tradicionalmente han tenido desventajas y se están graduando de preparatorias públicas chárter están continuando sus carreras en universidades públicas en California a comparación de los estudiantes en esta categoría que se...

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Historically Disadvantaged Students From Charter Public Schools Are More Likely to Attend CA Public Universities

Historically disadvantaged students graduating from charter public schools are more likely to attend University of California and California State University colleges than their counterparts in traditional public schools. That’s according to new...

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Stop the Summer Slide...About Charter Public Schools

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Ana Tintocalis

Ana Tintocalis - Director, Media Relations and Research

Ana is Director of Media Relations and Research and a member of CCSA’s External Affairs Team. In this role, she supports the organization’s mission through creative and effective communications platforms that increase public awareness and support for high-quality public charter schools. Additionally, she will help amplify positive local charter school stories happening to win hearts and minds in target media markets across the state. Read More >>

Myrna Castrejón

Myrna Castrejón - President and Chief Executive Officer

As the leader of CCSA, Myrna Castrejón has managed the membership organization representing California's public charter schools since January 2019.

Prior to assuming the role of President and CEO, she served for nearly three years as the Founding Executive Director of Great Public Schools Now, an organization created in winter 2015. As the Executive Director, Myrna led Great Public Schools Now's strategy to transform public education in Los Angeles by expanding high-quality public schools of diverse governance models in the areas most in need of support. Read More >>

Aaron Guerrero

Aaron Guerrero - Director, Digital Communications 

Aaron Guerrero is Director of Digital Communications on CCSA’s Digital Strategy team under External Affairs. He leads the organization’s digital messaging and content strategies that leverage social media, blog content, advertising programs, and email marketing. Read More >>