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Will the Senate Education Committee Put Kids First?

By California Charter Schools Association

School is out, but Sacramento politicians are still at it.

Although CharterNation stepped up to fight back against and defeat several bills in recent weeks, the Senate Education committee will vote this Wednesday, July 10, on the extreme and damaging bills that remain: AB 1505 and AB 1507. Here’s a quick recap about what makes these bills so harmful to our students and California’s education system:

AB 1505 would:

  • Effectively eliminate the right of charter schools to appeal politically-driven denials to the State Board of Education;
  • Allow districts to deny charter petitions for arbitrary and subjective reasons with no regard to the educational program or demand for the school;
  • Ultimately close down great public schools, trapping vulnerable students in failing ones.

AB 1507 would:

  • Limit access to high-quality, innovative educational programs by restricting where charter schools can locate; and
  • Result in the closure of high-quality learning center and school sites regardless of quality or district demand.

Both of these bills represent a politics-first approach to education that will only hurt the most vulnerable students and families in California seeking better schools.  

Back in April, the Senate Education Committee shamefully voted for a bill, SB 756, that would ban new charter public schools across our state for years. Because of the strength of your voice and resolve, that bill never got to the floor for a vote.

The Senate Education Committee now has an opportunity to redeem themselves and vote against these extreme bills that are especially detrimental to the future of low-income, black and Latino students. Use your powerful voice to remind these legislators to vote no on AB 1505 and AB 1507 by sharing this post with your family and friends.


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